Hard drive shredding and destruction

Don’t stockpile hard drives

Some businesses don’t have a hard-drive destruction policy (personal hard drive destruction service). Even if hard drives are stored in a locked area, if the information is still intact there’s a chance that it could be accessed.

Don’t perform DIY destruction

Venting all your frustration on your hard drive with a hammer might help you feel better and it might even work theoretically to destroy it enough, but there’s no guarantee.

A professional business should really be disposing of documents, data and hard drives securely and compliantly. Using hard drive shredding near me, a professional destruction company, will ensure that you’re given a Certificate of Media Destruction for your own records.

It’s just one of the reasons why using a fully-accredited data destruction company (mobile shredding near me) is the safest and easiest way to ensure that you are disposing of data securely. You can be confident that no data is retrievable after the hard drives have been destroyed.